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Detroit Music Weekend Gala

The inaugural Detroit Music Weekend began Friday night at the Detroit Opera House where 200 music lovers gathered for the Gala ($750 & $1,000 tickets). They savored cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres in the lobby, pausing for brief welcoming remarks delivered from the top of the grand staircase by founding director, Music Hall’s Vince Paul. A soaring operatic selection sung by soprano Nicole James signaled it was time for dinner, which was served at dramatically decorated tables set on the stage. There were interruptions to thank sponsors, board members and event coordinator Laura Raisch, and to salute Michigan Opera Theatre founder David DiChiera. His pancreatic cancer diagnosis has dictated his retirement but has not affected his good humor nor his bearing.
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oakland confidential

August 2017

HORSE RACES: Democratic aspirations of taking a majority hold on Congress after the 2018 General Election will hinge on the party’s ability to take two dozen congressional seats, which may include upsets in Michigan’s 8th and 11th Districts, according to recent rankings of 82 districts by The New York Times. The piece split the districts into eight groups to watch, based on competitiveness ...more»
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Water problems at Berkshire, Bingham

By Lisa Brody
News Editor
02/17/2017 - Two more Birmingham schools discovered higher than allowable levels of copper and lead in the water flowing in some drinking fountains and classroom sinks following routine water testing, according to the school district.

There were issues discovered in drinking fountains, sinks and laboratory sinks at Bingham Farms Elementary School, located at 23400 W. 13 Mile Road in Bingham Farms, and Berkshire Middle School, 21707 W. 14 Mile Road, Beverly Hills, after routine water testing was done throughout the Birmingham Public Schools district in December 2016 by Trace Analytical.

At Bingham Farms Elementary, 95 water sources were tested, and there were five positive results found for lead and copper, including two water sources that are generally considered as drinking sources, located in the drinking fountain bubbler in room 12, and the hallway fountain by the eastern hallway exit to the gazebo. The other positive results were located in two classroom sinks, in room 14 and room 5, and in a sink in the custodial office.

Students are currently encouraged to bring water bottles to school, and there is a refilling station in the gym.

In an email communication regarding the water testing, Bingham Farms principal Russ Facione stated that the affected sources were shut off until they can remediate and retest as appropriate. He assured parents that the pipes that bring water into the building were also tested and they are fine.

At Berkshire, there were 18 positive results out of of 153 water sources tested, but none of the positive results were at drinking locations. They were at science room lab sinks, and three art classroom sinks, the school stated. Signage has been placed on the sinks to read "no drinking," and will remain in place until remediation and retesting is done.

"As a result of the Flint lead crisis, we test the water at all of our schools on a voluntary basis," superintendent Dr. Dan Nerad said in January. "We do so on a strict basis. We have tested for lead for several years, and we have had results we were pleased with in the past, but the testing now is much more rigorous and complete. Because of that, in some of our schools, there were some sinks that did not meet the standards. We don't have results yet from all of our schools, and don't know those results yet. We are posting the results on our website as we get them, because it's exceedingly important that we are transparent on all testing."

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