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Bloomfield Hills Schools Celebration

Wabeek Country Club was a good choice for the third annual Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation fundraiser which attracted 220 ($150, $250) school district supporters. Alum-to-be-honored, Las Vegas-based magician Rick Lax, BHS 2000, chatted easily with the early-arriving VIP guests, including teachers Pat Clees, David Reed and Bob Ambrose whom he would later praise in his acceptance speech. We were amused that his favorite accomplishment was not his two college degrees, his membership in Mensa, his Ted Talk or his books, but rather the You Tube videos of his magic tricks that have more than 2 billion views. Casino games (with Lax doing a stint as a dealer), a silent auction and strolling dinner preceded the program emceed by auctioneer Gary Mark. Program highlights included three testimonials (by student Emelia Johnston, teacher Rachel Matz and Way Elementary principal Adam Scher) about the educational value of their foundation grants, a salute to Rob Glass (in the form of a named foundation to honor outstanding teachers) for his Michigan Superintendent of the Year honor, and the live auction.
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oakland confidential

April 2017

BIGOTRY 101: Who could have imagined that in 2017 anti-semitism would once again be rearing its ugly head. Sadly, some local Republicans confirm the toxic malady hit the state’s Republican convention in February, when party administrative vice-chair David Wolkinson of Birmingham ran for re-election to the party position. "There were a bunch of people who also wanted to be vice-chair who ...more»
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Carter (Cartier) Sims

Carter (Cartier) Sims
Photo: Matt Miggz
(click for larger version)
03/06/2013 - Model, rapper and clothing designer Carter (Cartier) Sims began appearing in American Eagle Outfitters stores after he was selected as a "Live Your Life" profile subject last year. The Roeper graduate and Syracuse junior was speechless when he traveled to New York City and saw his face high on a billboard in Times Square.

Born in Detroit, Sims attended Roeper from a young age and began playing the cello at the age of four. "I did these little musical performances for my small Roeper community and that's kind of where I got comfortable with a mic in front of my face," he said.

"What was cool about going to Roeper is I was able to have this opportunity with freedom and they trusted me with responsibility. It really gave me a chance to see different kinds of people I would never even know. I was taking a 15-year-long anthropology class and could just learn from other people's cultures."

Sims was drawn to Syracuse University in New York because of its location and the opportunity to make music. His freshman year, he connected with roommate Guy Harrison and the duo began making music with Matt Miggz.

Though he was a music video veteran, Sims had never modeled or taken any interest in fashion until last summer when he traveled to London. He began creating Eva Mendes-inspired clothing by screen printing the actress's headshot on t-shirts with witty slogans, such as, "I can wait for Eva" and "Eva lasting love."

Being selected as an American Eagle Outfitters "Live Your Life" model and profile subject came as a shock. "That was honestly an out of the blue, crazy thing. I didn't think it was going to be an all-call for an ad campaign," Sims said.

"They were looking for individuals that have passion, that are comfortable in what they wear, and have a personal style. They picked me and seven other people. They found us from all time zones and all of a sudden we became a family. In the first 10 minutes, it was camp with the coolest kids you've ever met," Sims said.

He is now featured in all American Eagle stores and has a billboard in Times Square. "When I went to New York City for the first time and I saw myself a couple stories high in Times Square, I just couldn't believe it. I was just speechless," he said. "My big sister took a picture pointing up to it."

Sims said his parents could not be more proud of his success. "I can't even believe they can find the time to be proud. They took a week off to go see it in Times Square."

When he is home for holidays and summer vacations, Sims enjoys spending time at home with his family in Bloomfield Hills. "The best thing I like about Bloomfield Hills is the fact that that's where my parents are. It's that safe haven under my parents."

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