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Suite Dreams Project Hats Off Luncheon

From the first sip of pink bubbly (in a split with a pink straw) to the Hat Crawl guests’ exit with huge, hot pink balloons, the 16th annual Hats Off Luncheon was a dreamy, Sweet/Suite Sixteen production. During the reception the sold-out crowd (400 @ $150, $200-patron) oohed and aahed each others’ hats and bought all of the 1,000 chance auction raffle tickets. The luncheon program emceed by Rhonda Walker had highlights. Ali MacManus, a songwriter/singer who was born prematurely with multiple birth defects and has survived 11 major surgeries, got a standing ovation when she sang her composition “Breaking Free.”
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oakland confidential

July 2017

GET WELL SOON: We know others will join us in wishing Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson a speedy recovery after back surgery on June 1 in the green mountain state of North Carolina. Word is he had a pretty aggressive surgery to help him get out of the wheelchair he was finding himself bound to more and more, and one Republican said that he is already feeling better. Patterson was seriously ...more»
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Stephen Garrett Dewyer

Photo: Laurie Tennent
(click for larger version)
06/01/2015 - Bloomfield Hills native, artist and writer Stephen Garrett Dewyer was looking for a fresh perspective on Detroit's art scene in 2013 after returning to the Motor City from the Baltimore area. Unable to find many,

he decided to form an innovative outlet for himself and others to create their own.

"I had a few exhibitions in Detroit and saw that there was no venue for covering art, at least practically none that were active," said Dewyer, co-founding editor of the Infinite Mile online art journal. "That got in my mind, given how much art happens in the city. It could really use some art writing. For me, it was to give some art writing and discuss the politics behind some of the things happening in Detroit."

Working with artist and friend Jennifer Junkermeier, who had just arrived in Detroit from New York City, Dewyer took the 8 Mile Road and turned it on its side to form the Infinite Mile (infintemiledetroit.com) to serve as one of only a handful of Detroit-based art journals in the city. The site, which publishes monthly, uses reviews, articles, writings, artists projects and photo essays to support art and culture in Detroit. Operating as a collective, the journal accepts up to two submissions per year from contributors that they find relevant and important to write about and discuss in the public realm.

First published in December of 2013, Dewyer said the response from the art community has been great. The majority of the contributors are fellow artists.

"We have a little over 70 contributors," said the former Andover graduate. "There are some great works in the city, but sometimes it isn't given the visibility it deserves. Infinite Mile has allowed us to do that."

In addition to co-editing and writing for his art journal, Dewyer teaches art at Oakland University as a part-time professor and continues to work as an artist. He holds a master's degree in sculpture from the Yale University School of Art and earned a bachelor's degree in art history, theory and criticism from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. As an artist, his work has been exhibited in Baltimore, Detroit, New York and New Haven, Connecticut.

Dewyer said much of his work focuses on performance and installation work.

"A lot of it is transit," he said. "I would take the bus and take video, then play that on a loop. It reflected the bus loop, and the loop of the video. Transportation is an issue at the forefront."

Outside of his work, Dewyer is interested in politics and participates in organizing demonstrations for social justice, including occupations on Wall Street and several demonstrations in Detroit. In 2011, Dewyer's passion for demonstrations made him the subject of an article in The New Yorker magazine.

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