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Detroit Music Weekend Gala

The inaugural Detroit Music Weekend began Friday night at the Detroit Opera House where 200 music lovers gathered for the Gala ($750 & $1,000 tickets). They savored cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres in the lobby, pausing for brief welcoming remarks delivered from the top of the grand staircase by founding director, Music Hall’s Vince Paul. A soaring operatic selection sung by soprano Nicole James signaled it was time for dinner, which was served at dramatically decorated tables set on the stage. There were interruptions to thank sponsors, board members and event coordinator Laura Raisch, and to salute Michigan Opera Theatre founder David DiChiera. His pancreatic cancer diagnosis has dictated his retirement but has not affected his good humor nor his bearing.
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oakland confidential

August 2017

HORSE RACES: Democratic aspirations of taking a majority hold on Congress after the 2018 General Election will hinge on the party’s ability to take two dozen congressional seats, which may include upsets in Michigan’s 8th and 11th Districts, according to recent rankings of 82 districts by The New York Times. The piece split the districts into eight groups to watch, based on competitiveness ...more»
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Township sets $43 million 2017-18 budget

By Lisa Brody
News Editor
03/17/2017 - A fiscal year 2017-2018 budget, with revenues estimated at $43.4 million and expenditures for the year estimated at $43.3 million, was approved by Bloomfield Township trustees on Monday, March 13.

Township supervisor Leo Savoie said trustees had first begun reviewing the annual budget in November 2016, and had received additions and changes since then. "We had a study session on the budget two and a half weeks ago, and since then, the budget has stood."

The township's fiscal year runs from April 1 of 2017 through March 31, 2018.

Township finance director Jason Theis said there is the assumption the township will have a three percent increase in taxable value from fiscal year 2016-2017, estimated at $3.5 billion in revenues. State shared revenue spending is believed to be neutral, while investment income is anticipated to be increase in the coming year. A new lease was approved between the township and the 48th District Court, which will provide increased revenue income, but all other sources of revenue should be neutral.

Property taxes are expected to bring in $32.4 million of the $43.4 million in revenues to the budget, with state shared revenue spending at $3.2 million. Other sources of revenue will provide $7.5 million.

Of the $43.3 million in expenditures, $27.5 million is allocated towards public safety expenses. The general fund accounts for $10.2 million and the road fund is anticipated to account for $4.4 million.

"While there are no anticipated elections this year, we may have to purchase new election equipment," Theis said. In addition, personnel will see a two percent increase in full -ime wage perks. He said most funds will see a decrease in legal fees due to the hiring of in-house attorney Bill Hampton.

Theis said there will be some capital expenses, estimated at $1.2 million total, such as replacing the outer entry doors at Township Hall; securing parking at the 48th District Court; replacing security cameras and vehicles; replacing street sweepers; adding a new 911 system; and refurbishing some road equipment.

A police department union representative objected to a change in health care benefits for retirees, but treasurer Brian Kepes explained, "It's the same health care as employees receive." Clerk Jan Roncelli said, "I believe you're going to be very pleased."

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