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Suite Dreams Project Hats Off Luncheon

From the first sip of pink bubbly (in a split with a pink straw) to the Hat Crawl guests’ exit with huge, hot pink balloons, the 16th annual Hats Off Luncheon was a dreamy, Sweet/Suite Sixteen production. During the reception the sold-out crowd (400 @ $150, $200-patron) oohed and aahed each others’ hats and bought all of the 1,000 chance auction raffle tickets. The luncheon program emceed by Rhonda Walker had highlights. Ali MacManus, a songwriter/singer who was born prematurely with multiple birth defects and has survived 11 major surgeries, got a standing ovation when she sang her composition “Breaking Free.”
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oakland confidential

July 2017

GET WELL SOON: We know others will join us in wishing Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson a speedy recovery after back surgery on June 1 in the green mountain state of North Carolina. Word is he had a pretty aggressive surgery to help him get out of the wheelchair he was finding himself bound to more and more, and one Republican said that he is already feeling better. Patterson was seriously ...more»
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Safety path contract approved for 2017

By Lisa Brody
News Editor
04/14/2017 - A contract extension with Italia Construction, at 2015 prices, to continue the 2017 safety path program was approved by the Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees on Wednesday, April 12.

At their November 28, 2016 meeting, trustees approved the routes for the 2017 safety path program, which will include Long Lake Road from W. Bloomcrest to Adams Road; Woodward Avenue from Strathmore Road to Big Beaver, and then picking up again at Woodward from Big Beaver to Manor Road, along with a small allocation for maintenance repairs at miscellaneous locations. A preliminary cost estimate for engineering and construction provided in November was $1.45 million.

Olivia Olsztyn-Budry, township engineer, explained that a new set of unique conditions have arisen at the northwest corner of Adams and Long Lake that will necessitate the reconstruction of the area, as well as pedestrian signals and the installation of keystone retaining walls. Adjacent to the city of Troy, a cost sharing program, with Bloomfield Township paying 73 percent of the costs and Troy, 27 percent, would help offset charges.

In addition, SMART has requested that the upgrade of two bus stops on Woodward, and the addition of a shelter, engineer Randy Ford told trustees.

Ford also explained that trustees had two choices going forward to pay for the safety path program for 2017: they could award the contract to Italia Construction, who had done the township's other safety path work, and said they would maintain the 2015 prices if they were awarded the 2017 contract; or publicly bid out the 2017 program.

If they chose to bid it out, Ford said, the engineering department would need to develop specifications, advertise that they were bidding it out, and then return to the board in the future to have them award the contract. "It would take a few months," he said.

Ford also estimated that Italia's costs would be $1.17 million, while through bidding it out, new pricing would likely come in at around $1.35 million. The township's budget for the program is set at $1.45 million.

"Bidding the program out may exceed the budget," he said.

"Why is Italia holding the numbers for two years?" asked supervisor Leo Savoie.

"I think familiarity with the area, and it's a big job. It's understanding the job, and the expectations. There are bonds if the contractor does not hold up their end. Italia's done a good job of holding up their end. Sometime there is so much more given because of efficiencies," Ford explained.

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