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Ted Lindsay Celebrity Golf Outing

The 175 golfers who participated in the Ted Lindsay Foundation Celebrity Golf Outing at the Detroit Golf Club were joined by another 115 for cocktails, a silent auction ($14,000) and dinner following play. The program that followed Fr. Donald Worthy’s tribute to the memory of Joanne Lindsay and Dr. Jack Finley was emceed with good humor by Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels. It had highlights. Austin, TX researcher Laura Hewitson, PhD. reported promise of early blood biomarkers for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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oakland confidential

September 2017

CRACK IN THE DIKE : Appears staunch Republican Congressman David Trott (Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Troy), in his second term representing Michigan’s 11th District, isn’t still feeling the love for President Donald Trump . Politico reported that Trott shocked the room at a private meeting in late July when he voiced what many other Republicans were thinking, that the president had ...more»
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September 2017

David Trott
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08/22/2017 - CRACK IN THE DIKE: Appears staunch Republican Congressman David Trott (Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Troy), in his second term representing Michigan's 11th District, isn't still feeling the love for President Donald Trump. Politico reported that Trott shocked the room at a private meeting in late July when he voiced what many other Republicans were thinking, that the president had been unhelpful with health care, and administration infighting was distracting from the Republican agenda. "It's more than that," Trott, of Birmingham, told Downtown. "It's more the president's inability to evolve into the job that's hampering our ability to pass legislation. He's certainly not providing any kind of leadership, and it's undermining our ability to pass the agenda." He noted a perfect example was Trump's already infamous press conference on August 15, when he was supposed to be introducing an infrastructure bill. "We're eight months into the administration, and we haven't seen any kind of bill or bipartisan legislation. It should have been given to us within the first 100 days, and instead we're left with that ridiculous press conference and we're talking about the horrible activity in Charlottesville...the President's conduct is undermining our ability to do business." Trott believes Congress is left with only one way to get anything done during this session. "The president needs to act presidential, or we're going to work without him on bipartisan solutions, and he can sign or veto them." Don't think Trott is going to be invited to any sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom.

President Donald Trump
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BIRD CALLS: Rep. David Trott (R-Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Troy) is adamantly no fan of President Donald Trump's favored form of communications either. "This tweeting is ridiculous. He does it because he's afraid to stand before the press at a press conference and have to explain a bill or anything of substance. He doesn't understand anything." Twitter may not be Trott's best form of communication, either. In a classic case of foot-in-mouth disease, Trott, a self-professed Twitter neophyte, attempted to tweet against Trump's support of neo-Nazis and white supremacists and for unity, but missed the shot. "Donald Trump should focus more on golf & have less press conferences." His tweet immediately drew criticism from Democrat Haley Stevens, who has announced she is running for Trott's spot.

John Engler
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DUMB AND DUMBER: Former Gov. John Engler, in this month's Downtown newsmagazine, blasted Michigan's legislative term limits for killing off valuable long-term knowledge needed by state lawmakers, and said the recent push for a part-time legislature in the state could only "make a bad situation worse." In May, Michigan's Lt. Governor Brian Calley was expected to announce a 2018 campaign for governor. Instead, in what many thought was a ridiculous move, Calley announced an initiative to amend the state's constitution to set up a 90-day legislature and cut lawmaker's pay in half. "That is singularly the dumbest idea that has been brought forward in a while," Engler said. "I heard Calley has backed away from it, but his consultant was running it for him." In July, Calley revised his proposal, causing a reset on the petition drive to get the issue on a statewide ballot. Yet in August, Calley continued to push for the proposal. While Engler said a form of part-time legislatures does work in some states, "you need a system and lawmakers that can get things done quickly, which isn't the case in Michigan," he asserted. "It is incredibly dumb." Take that.

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