Week of 2.20.17

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Bates Street Society Dinner

The Community House Board of Directors welcomed 200 to the second annual dinner ($200, $250 tickets) honoring significant donors ($25,000 plus). It also saluted community Pillars of Vibrancy who were toasted at a preliminary champagne reception. The 2017 Pillars are: Culture - architect Victor Saroki and publisher of Downtown Publications David Hohendorf; Wellness - Richard Astrein and Beaumont Hospital President Rosanna Morris; Philanthropy - Lois Shaevsky and George Miller; Education - Margaret Matthes. They were eulogized by house CEO/President Bill Seklar and received tribute pins from past pillars before joining the dinner crowd.
This weeks social light photos…


oakland confidential

March 2017

MARCIA, MARCIA, MARCIA: Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson (D-Bloomfield Township, West Bloomfield) may have picked a fight with the wrong person in power when she called out county board chair Mike Gingell and vice chair Mike Spiz , both Republicans, during board swearing-in ceremonies on January 11. "She seemed determined to create dissension," said a fellow commissioner. "She ...more»
incoming birmingham/bloomfield

Meeting comments

Scot Beaton, Rochester Hills, (Rochester city council member 1988-1997)

For 30 plus years citizen comments has been at the beginning of the meetings (Right To Comment/February). ...more>

No apology needed

Michael Wasielewski, Bloomfield Township

P. O'Halloran of Bloomfield Township writes (Incoming/January) that an apology is required from JM Merritt for criticism of C. McAlister for her support of Trump. I don't agree. ...more>

Public ed propaganda

Marcy Klucznik, Birmingham

I read David Hohendorf's (From The Publisher) public education  propaganda in the (February) issue of Downtown. More liberal hypocrisy. ...more>

President Trump support

Ronald DiLiddo, Rochester Hills

Poor Ms. Wendy Drum, Esq. (Incoming/January) can no longer trust her deplorable neighbors that supported Donald Trump....more>

School of my choice

Roy Kaiser, Rochester Hills

Mr. Hohendorf (From The Publisher/February) shares the same opinion as heard by teacher unions throughout the country — "It is Un-American to use public tax dollars for private and parochial schools."...more>

Public education asset

Barbara Heyser, Oakland Township

I just read David Hohendorf's column in Downtown magazine (From The Publisher/February) about public education and I want to thank him for such a clear, impartial point of view. He literally put the words in my mouth for how I feel about this situation.  ...more>

Downside of charters

Name withheld upon request, Rochester

So glad to see an article about the negatives of charters (February/Downtown). ...more>
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