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November 03, 2011 | 09:02 AM

You write that Bloomfield Hills residents have been without a full time library since 2004. Are you saying the Troy Library is not a full time library? Does it moonlight as a bowling alley or an all-night auto repair facility? I don’t think so. The Troy Library is as much a full service Library as the Bloomfield Township Public Library or the Baldwin Library.
In 2004 the Troy Library was ranked first in the State and in 2009 it was ranked 10th in the nation for Libraries serving a population of over 50,0000..
Starting in 2004 Bloomfield Hills residents who purchased a Troy Library Card were reimbursed by the City. Their participation is therefore a matter of public record. When totaled, the verifiable number is about 6%. What is interesting in the number of residents who have purchased cards on annual basis for five years or more years..You refer to this participation as “some”.
Residents in the City of Bloomfield Hills have had a chance to vote on a library millage in 2009, and 2010. This year’s election will be the third in three years. Every year some residents say the Troy Library is inconvenient. Count the letters to editor and comments at public forums and 40 people or 1% of the population per year seems to be of this mind. You call this number “many”.
The real “many” is the 93% who do not state a preference. In the 2010 election 60% voted “no.” and 40% voted “yes”.

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October 28, 2011 | 08:54 AM

In your Bloomfield Hills Library Services endorsement you do not mention a single benefit residents will receive. Many are unique and have never been available to City residents before. A complete list of these benefits appears on the city web site.
Unfortunately , you then you malign, in a manner reminiscent of the Nixon administration’s enemy list, City Resident Robert Toohey. You say Mr. Toohey “has had a mission to deprive all his neighbors from possessing a library card of their own from a neighboring locale.”
I presume this is a charge you want reader to take seriously. The only substantiation you provide of Mr. Toohey’s “mission to deprive” is that “he has paid for mailings out of his own pocket to every Bloomfield Hills Household trying dissuading residents from voting for the library millage.” In this country that is not a crime. Your publisher does exactly that with editorials meant to persuade or dissuade on various issues. It’s called freedom of speech. Curiously in the February issue of this publication, your publisher cited Daniel Ellsberg as one of his heroes. Ellsberg like Toohey provided information they thought the public should know. Your endorsement offers opinions based on assumptions and makes charges without substantiation. The success Robert Toohey has had from letter writing to an intelligent community bombarded with junk mail comes from well-reasoned and documented content.

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September 03, 2011 | 10:57 AM

You make very valid points. To sign the Recall Petitions, for those trustees that you think deserve to be recalled, call 248-943-8580 and we will bring one to you. Bloomfield Schools deserves trustees that we can trust, to uphold a school system that has produced excellence and can continue to do so within a reasonable budget. Two high schools are much better for our students allowing for more immediate attention and response to individual student needs. We've had that luxury and we should continue to demand that quality for our students.

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September 03, 2011 | 10:45 AM

To sign the petition, simply call 248-943-8580 and we will bring one to you! Thank you for your thoughts. P.S. Michael Banerian, 17 years old, did actually write that letter. He is one of Bloomfield's intelligent students from Lahser High!

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August 03, 2011 | 10:44 PM

Yeah is fun again

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July 29, 2011 | 07:33 PM

1. I don't call this "consolidation"....I call it "subsidizing". The only thing Sylvan Lake is paying is a "fee" for service. The Township taxpayer pays the same "fee" for the same service.

However, the Township has the department, the employees, the wages, health and benefits packages and all the other costs to do business. The Township must keep separate records on separate software for Sylvan Lake. Sylvan Lake calls up...send me an electrical is the "fee" .....and done. End of responsibility. The Township has reports and billing and motor pool costs and building costs.
2. This Building Inspection department is not "completely" self-funded. The Township likes to report that as fact. See 2010 for a "not so" example in the budget. Over $200,000 loss. Who made up the difference? The taxpayers of the Township.
3. Take away the building, the furniture, the computers and software, the motor pool vehicles, the insurance, utilities, maintenance, and liability insurance costs, etc.....that are NOT part of that "self-sustaining" department budget...and then tell me how much it REALLY costs to do inspections, etc. There are lots of hidden costs that are not included in that budget but are necessary to do the job. The TAXPAYERS in Bloomfield Township.....are subsidizing ALL those costs.

In Sept. and Dec. of 2010, the Township contracted to do inspections for a private company building in the CITY of PONTIAC. All those mentioned "inspections" were NOT for residents of the Township. I argued then, that perhaps the Department needed to lay off idle workers...and stop the salaries, legacy and health costs for those employees.

The final comment: Township government did this entire legal deal without EVER holding a public meeting to discuss the proposal. At this meeting, the proposal was first introduced and there was NO Trustee asking one question of the proposal before going to public comment. Why not? Was this discussed behind closed doors? What did they know? When did they know? Where did they find out? Why was it hidden from the public? Is it because the Township Taxpayer is NOT getting a "deal". If the Trustees didn't know anything prior to the vote....they need to be replaced in the Nov. 2012 elections.

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July 29, 2011 | 07:00 PM

I would like the "appointment" process for the new Trustee to be very public....and a list of those applying for the position published. The Township Library recently held interviews for the applicants for the vacant Library Board and the public was invited to attend the interviews. I would like to see the same procedure for the Trustee position.

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July 28, 2011 | 11:48 AM

I intend to seek a seat on the BCC and I expect to create history.

Greg Thrasher

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July 14, 2011 | 09:20 PM

I'm glad to see some coverage of Fox Grill. I'm wondering, though, if you actually dined there and if so, what you thought of it.

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June 25, 2011 | 12:12 PM

Where do people sign the recall petition? The language on the petition is set to be reviewed and approved by the beginning of July. Please visit to find out when the petitions can be signed and where to go to sign them.

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June 24, 2011 | 06:52 PM

I agree with the taxpayers who are organizing this recall effort. The board has put on the ballot too many conflicting proposals - all defeated by the taxpayers. The taxpayers of the BHSD are very generous......and unfortunately in my opinion too much of the schools money has been poorly spent. I have been told we spend nearly 22,000 per student per year in BHSD...if we can't educate students with excellence and maintain outstanding facilities with this level of money - one of the highest in Michigan - they deserve to be recalled. Where do I sign?

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June 24, 2011 | 05:40 PM

We should recall the four Bloomfield Trustees named due to fiscal irresponsibility. We should not spend all we have and more on just a high school situation. The entire K-12 building situation needs to be re-worked with open minds.
If we consolidate middle schools we could do without 2-3 of them and sell them. All of our schools were built in the late 1950's and early 1960's except Lahser, which is the newest!

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April 26, 2011 | 06:59 PM

Astounding! Thank you for having the courage to publish this eye opening letter. I’ve heard of nightmares happening to social drinkers and good people in our community who have become caught up in the system and raked over the coals. This certainly sheds a little light on what’s really happening. It’s shameful and suspect. We do need to stop being such alarmists and start using more “common sense”. It may not be popular to say, but let’s keep in mind that drinking and driving is still legal and can be done responsibly. Imagine our culture without that freedom. What would be the effect on our restaurants, bars and clubs used for fundraisers, weddings, award ceremonies and the like? I applaud you Downtown, keep it coming

report print email Source: Editorial: National shops for Birmingham?
April 22, 2011 | 09:22 PM

Alan: Thanks for the alert. We will have that fixed this weekend. David Hohendorf, Publisher

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April 22, 2011 | 07:55 PM

Good newsbreak, Lisa. Way to stay on top of source checks.

Tiny flyspeck.:
One of the stores signing a letter of intent actually is a high-end stationery and paper goods shop . . . even though its location will be stationary.

Forgive me, please -- once a copy editor, always . . .

Alan Stamm

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April 01, 2011 | 02:20 AM

If PAM STOLLER is so supportive of the clientele that patronizes the Hamilton Room and South, then maybe she would appreciate them partying at her condo at 567 Chester Street. Otherwise, let's hope that if she frequents the Hamilton Room that she's not victim of one of their regularly occuring brawls and that she doesn't get hurt.

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February 08, 2011 | 05:12 PM


Checking back a month after the fact and was not surprised to see your comment. As I read the article (we did not see it until it came out) I was surprised how narrow minded that comment sounded. Certainly did not intend it as a slight, as I have had some fun times visiting and staying with my friends who live in the Millender Center, Midtown, etc.

Apologies for the "backhanded" insult, as I am a strong proponent of the city, the region, and the opportunities offered to young professionals downtown.

Ryan Brittain

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January 10, 2011 | 09:45 AM

Is it just me, or were there a handful of backhanded insults aimed at Detroit in this piece? Brittain's comment especially irked me: "I go down for games and bars, but for the average person, why would you go?"

I've never considered myself "average", per se, but I made a conscious decision to live in downtown Detroit after returning to the area to pursue my graduate studies at Michigan. It sounds like this group of individuals you've amassed suffers from the same lack of information regarding amenities, housing, etc. available in Detroit as the majority of the national population.

Don't get me wrong: their presence here is definitely welcome. But their perspective on Detroit as only a city for occasional entertainment value undermines the many successful young professionals that have called the city home for now.

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December 17, 2010 | 04:13 PM

As a child living near Gill Road at the time of Timmy's discovery it's always been extremely important to me that this monster be discovered......even now. I am also very interested in the results of any testing pertaining to Mr. B as he seems familiar. Does anyone know what he did for a living?....or if he drove a box truck?

report print email Source: Editorial: Rinschler named Birmingham mayor
November 12, 2010 | 01:27 PM

When I was at the opening of Papa Romano's in Sept., George Dilgard was introduced as mayor pro-tem. What gives here?

report print email Source: Editorial: Middle school gets IB accreditation
November 12, 2010 | 12:07 PM

Why doesn't Birmingham have the IB program in the public schools? Heck, even Berkley offers it.

report print email Source: Editorial: Temporary ice rink to open in December
November 12, 2010 | 12:03 PM

Why does the community have to donate private funds for over 50% of this project for our KIDS when the city has fully paid for two parks for our DOGS?

report print email Source: Editorial: Oakland County Child Killer
November 02, 2010 | 03:20 PM

Based on the details regarding the files requested by Barry King and his family, one may be under the impression that the precious resources of the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office are being taken up by one family's inquiries. However, the King family is the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of people in and around Oakland County and beyond that were profoundly affected by this case. The King family has not activated their vast network of friends and supporters and has kept their mission largely amongst themselves and key people in law enforcement in an effort to quietly obtain information that should be readily available to them. My plan is to circle back around to the King family to see if they would like any assistance in publicizing this mess from the Seaholm Class of 1977. Perhaps that would help kick-start the support from the people who were around during these murders and who have invested their thoughts and emotions in this case for 33 years. We are all looking for closure and we, along with the King family, will not go away until we get it.

from a Seaholm Class of 1977 Graduate
report print email Source: Editorial: Dig even deeper
November 02, 2010 | 02:01 PM

Really - telling a family member of a slain child to be careful is beyond ironic and more than a little sickening.

Judi Coltman
report print email Source: Editorial: State House: 40th District <br>Republican: Chuck Moss
October 26, 2010 | 07:33 AM

Dear DOWNTOWN BIRMINGHAM BLOOMFIELD: thank you for your endorsement of my candidacy for 40th District State Representative. I'm deeply honored and will work to be worthy of that support.

Chuck Moss
report print email Source: Editorial: Ahead for Social Lights week of 10.18.10
October 18, 2010 | 10:26 AM

Hi Sally, just wondering if Preservation Bloomfield qualifies? We have the Gingerbread House Brunch on December 2 and the Children's Hour on December 1--new this year so children can see the Gingerbread Houses and make one of their own. Doing all we can to get "our" house open!!!! Chris Zambricki is chairing the Brunch and her friend Donna Yost is chairing the Children's hour. The Bee Hive Ball is usually in May....we keep pluggin' along! Hope all is well!

Pat Hardy
report print email Source: Editorial: Hamilton Room fight
October 12, 2010 | 06:51 PM

That's kinda wrong, I was there and that guys girlfriend was going up to every guy on the dance floor, to make her boyfriend mad. Because she tried dancing with my boyfriend and others.

Jessica Mongomery
report print email Source: Editorial: Oakland County Child Killer
October 08, 2010 | 08:13 PM

Growing up on the same street- I remember those days. Many years later, I befriended a coworker (whose husband was on the 'poilce task force, set up at that little school in Beverly Hills) who told me the task force at the time did in fact identify the Oakland County child Killer, however in pursuit he (suspect) was shot and killed, and that some kind of details or something made it inconclusive, therefore was never made public. I often wondered if that was what happened??

report print email Source: Editorial: Telegraph Road construction project update
October 07, 2010 | 04:15 AM

I agree.

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October 06, 2010 | 08:42 PM


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