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Older Persons Commission Charity Gala

The 15th annual fundraiser for Rochester’s Older Persons Commission’s Meals on Wheels program attracted 375 ($150 ticket) to the Royal Park Hotel to party in a Monte Carlo mode. Chance-takers could bid on jewelry from Aurum Designs, pick their own prize in a chance raffle of 13 packages and, after dinner while Frank Sinatra tribute singer Mark Randisi entertained, play casino games and turn their winnings into raffle tickets. WXYZ’s Dave LewAllen emceed the dinner program in which 96-year old Erv Bauer, a Meals on Wheels recipient since his wife died three years ago, admitted, “I can’t even boil water.”  He called the program “a real treasure” because ....” the drivers (greet you) with a smile...and are someone to talk to every day...we really appreciate you sponsors...thank you kindly.”
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oakland confidential

June 2017

DUMBING IT DOWN: State Rep. Mike McCready (R-Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, West Bloomfield) has introduced a legislative proposal to reduce the number of members of the state House of Representatives from 110 to 76, or about one-third. "We currently have three House members for every three state Senate seats," McCready said, noting there are 38 state Senate members. Each state ...more»
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Thank you for your article on medical marijuana

165 Baldwin Rd.

Birmingham MI 48009

December 12, 2011

Ms. Lisa Brody, Editor

Downtown Birmingham/Bloomfield Newspaper

124 W. Maple Rd.

Birmingham MI 48009

Dear Ms. Brody,

Thank you for your well researched, fact-filled article “Betrayal of Voters” about medical marijuana in the December 2011 issue. I have several friends in California and in Michigan with serious diseases or pain who have been significantly helped by using marijuana. Therefore I have a special interest in seeing how the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008 has been implemented since approved by citizens who voted overwhelmingly for it in all 83 counties of Michigan. There are not enough articles like yours showing how the people’s will has been thwarted by our county and state prosecutor and sheriff – and even by some of the municipalities who are confused and afraid of something they know little about but have been told their whole lives that marijuana is somehow “bad.”

I think eventually marijuana will be reclassified as something other than “Schedule One” (an illegal drug with no medical value) because the federal government already allows a few people to receive it from a supply it controls as experiments, and recent experience by the veteran’s administration has shown it to be useful for post tramatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

The reason why 60 plus percent of the people in Michigan voted for Proposal One in 2008 is because nearly everyone knows someone who has been debilitated by cancer or chronic disease. If this is a useful medicine, why not let the people use it responsibly? How ironic in an age when many are calling for cuts in government spending, and for health care savings. A plant that for some people works better than an expensive drug.

Thank you for your extensive research on this topic. Information like this is needed if there is ever to be a change in society.

Gail Whitty

Gail Whitty
December 13, 2011

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