Article lesson in hate

October 24, 2017

We received our copy of the October Downtown newsmagazine and this one held our attention a little longer.


First, the title of an article on the cover caught our eye –  "Michigan Hate Groups - Philosophy of 28 Organizations.” Now as I understand the word philosophy means study of specific things, in this case hate groups.


Do you really think in such a hate filled world people need to know details of these hate groups. This article actually represents what is wrong in society and this article in the wrong hands, i.e. a child that wants to get back at society who has an in depth knowledge of the internet, they could decide to contact one of these groups. 


Hate is taught and thanks to this month’s edition you've given a fabulous lesson. We were instantly appalled by this article but sadly we can only imagine there is a majority that were not.


Do children need to know about groups like this. Yes they do. However, they also need to know that groups like this are wrong. Giving pretty much full details on these sick individuals/groups has given more knowledge and power to the disturbed section of society that will act out like the person in Las Vegas.


The article speaks of freedom of speech and this is ours – we are using it to express love and pray for peace on this nation. We are a white family who loves dearly our black neighbors, Muslim neighbors, alongside our gay friends.


If this article was meant to reveal truth, you got it wrong – it will only create more hate.


Name withheld upon request

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