Left wing liberal publisher

October 24, 2017

I thought it interesting how publisher David Hohendorf can claim to be a little left of center. After reading his October column,  I'd say he is very left of center or simply put, a left wing liberal. 


His words rat him out. His article trashes Representative Trott because he ran for office as a conservative. It's obvious he is a supporter of Obamacare, one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the American people. Pitiful. 


Trott helped rein in the EPA. Great, now that water puddle in my front yard is no longer under its jurisdiction. Then Hohendorf proceeded to trash potential Republican candidate Marty Knollenberg, suggesting his only asset is his last name. Sounds like the Kennedy dynasty doesn't it. Hohendorf whined about his father staying in Congress past his announced two terms. Lord knows no Democrat ever did that. 


He trashed an unnamed potential candidate because he was an early Trump supporter. Followed by "Heaven help us.” Shameful. The more President Trump rolls back the Obama travesty, the better. 


After trashing the Republicans, Hohendorf won't even mention the names of the couple of the potential Democratic hopefuls. Why not?  I suspect your ideal candidate was Mrs. Clinton. 


I look forward to Hohendorf making recommendations to voters before the primary and general elections. I can't imagine how you'll swing with those, actually, yes I can — liberal/progressive/socialist all the way. 


So please, don't try to tell us you're an Independent. That dog don't hunt.


Doug Osterrout

Oakland Township­

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