Correct answer on roads

July 24, 2018

Thank you for publishing the latest Voter Guide.  We all should appreciate the fact that it serves as a very valuable tool in keeping your readers informed. 


Selfishly, my primary interest was the section dedicated to the eight candidates running to represent the State House 40th District in which I reside. I took particular note of the answers provided regarding our much-needed road repairs. I found that seven of the candidates provided the same empty-headed political answers based primarily upon needing more tax dollars to ensure improved roadways.  


Only one candidate had really done any meaningful research into the root cause of the problem – Michigan's 164,000 pound GVW over-the-road weight limit which is double that of the Federal Standard.  


Rest assured, those in charge have a laundry list of self-serving reasons of why and how this has no detrimental effect on our roadways and is an economic boon to Michigan's economy. However, until we elect leaders that will properly educate themselves on the issues and stand up to lobbyists and Michigan's trucking industry magnates, no amount of money or effort is going to bring the long needed relief that our state's drivers and taxpayers deserve.


Douglas R. Fehan


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