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  • Kevin Elliott

Bloomfield Hills schedules 2019 road projects

Despite some delays and setbacks, projects that are part of the Bloomfield Hills' 2018-19 Road Improvement and Infrastructure Program are scheduled to be done this summer. The program includes work on Falmouth Drive, Kennebec Court, Marblehead Drive, Merrimac Court, Rudgate Road and Sebago Lane. Additional streets are undergoing repairs as part of a carryover from last year's work, including the reworking of Bennington Drive, which has had several failures since being paved. Projects begin with staking of the impacted areas to mark utilities, mobilizing traffic control signs, and installing soil erosion control measures. The work is expected to be done by mid-June with restoration to follow closely after. Roads under construction will be closed to through traffic during construction periods, with local traffic access maintained.. The goal is to provide as much unobstructed access as possible for residents to their homes. Bloomfield Hills City Manager Dave Hendrickson told city commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday, May 14, that some projects had experienced delays due to weather but are generally on schedule. Hendrickson also answered questions about road failures on Bennington Drive, which had a water main replaced and road overlay installed. However, he said delays and weather led to parts of the road failing, which will be fully repaired without cost to the city. "Bennington will get tested again and then undercut and replaced," he said. "The road failed and sunk in several areas." Hendrickson said there was a potential for the road to fail, in part due to weather delays. However, he said it was decided to pave to road, rather than to leave it unpaved from November until June. The repair and repaving work will be done at the cost of the original contractor. "We are still on track, even with some delays," he said.

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