Lower chemical footprint

February 25, 2020

We are nano scientists and we are attacking the problem of the chemical and carbon footprint here in the USA – anywhere where manufacturing is happening.

Manufacturing takes chemicals for cutting and drilling of auto parts, for example. These manufacturing fluids are full of chemicals and some are toxic. Some have over 40 chemical in them which effects all of us.  

A lower chemical footprint is available by switching over to nano technology. We are the first to do this, and we removed more than half the chemistry in this manufactured fluid. The nano material is safe and will not harm humans or the environment.

You would think the car companies would want to change over to this new technology but that's not what is happening. They are dragging their feet or refuse to even look at this technology. The UAW needs to get involved to help protect their workers and help protect us from chemical spills like the one on I-696.

We need to put the environment and people first and money and greed second.

James English
President of Tool-X

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