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Student suspended over weapons threat

A Groves student who made threatening comments about bringing a weapon to school on Wednesday, September 19, has been removed from school, and the matter has been turned over to Beverly Hills Police for further investigation, school authorities said. The student is a male and a minor, a district official confirmed, but further personal details could not revealed due to his underage status and privacy concerns. Groves Principal Embekka Thompson sent an email to parents Wednesday afternoon, informing them, “This morning, we became aware that a student made threatening comments that involved bringing a weapon to school. Upon this information being reported to us, we began an immediate investigation in partnership with local law enforcement. During the course of this investigation, this student has not and will not be in attendance at Groves High School.” Birmingham Public Schools spokesperson Marcia Wilkinson confirmed that information. “He has been removed from school pending the information with police and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office. He’s not in school and we don’t anticipate him being there.” She said it is too soon in the investigation to know if – or when – the student will return. The student made statements within a small group of students that he had access to weapons, and would bring them to school, and other students told teachers, who told administrators and law enforcement, and the student was removed from the premises. “We take any kind of threat involving a possible weapon or any kind of threat to anyone’s safety as a serious threat and have to get the authorities involved,” Wilkinson said of the district’s protocol. As to whether the student will be permanently removed from the district and expelled, or suspended, Wilkinson said it was too soon in the investigation to determine, and would depend on the outcome of both school, law enforcement and prosecutor’s inquiries. A suspension is determined between the school principal working with central administration, she explained, while an expulsion must go through the district’s school board. “On the legal side, it is up to police and the county prosecutor, if it goes that far.” Thompson informed parents, “It is important for you to know that all statements regarding safety are taken seriously and the police are always contacted. If there is additional information that we are able to share, we will do so at a later time.”

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