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Downtown Newsmagazine is an upscale, full-color, magazine-format publication reaching by direct mail most of the households in Birmingham, Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills, one of Michigan’s most sought after markets.

The personnel at Downtown Newsmagazine bring a special commitment to the publishing effort, reinvesting in the local communities and working to make sure the Birmingham/ Bloomfield area reaches its highest potential. Our mission dictates that we strive each month to provide a solid news and advertising product that local residents look forward to reading. Our goal is to build a community of informed citizens through the efforts of our passionate team. We are innovators producing products that go well beyond what others offer.

Downtown Newsmagazine captures life in the local communities through and the latest news from the business community.  We also devote considerable effort each month to address major issues facing local residents through our longform story-telling efforts, further setting us apart from others competing for readers' attention.

The print edition is augmented by a state-of the art website ( which is updated at least twice each week and sometimes more often as breaking news dictates. Further, we produce a number of online newsletters – weekly news updates, breaking news, political gossip, news from the restaurant scene and news from the environment front as it applies to the issue of global warming.


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