Downtown Newsmagazine produces a number of special sections
and publications each year, promotion for which you will find on this page
as these special print and online products  are introduced.

We like to think of ourselves as trendsetters. We take an innovative approach to special sections and publications that we produce. Our readers are members of a unique audience in Oakland County – higher education and income levels – so they have come to expect a resourceful approach from Downtown Newsmagazine not found with other publications.


A decade ago Downtown Newsmagazine pioneered a monthly feature – FACES – in which we profile people who either currently live or grew up in the communities of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills or Bloomfield Township – each with a unique story to tell. We took this popular feature to a new level in recent years with profiles of members of the business community serving the Birmingham/Bloomfield area in a special section – FACES: BUSINESS. For 2022, we are producing an edition of FACES: BUSINESS in our June issue. Printed in full color on a heavier glossy stock and run through the center of Downtown Newsmagazine, the special publication will reach over 40,000 readers. For further information, click here.


Although we consider ourselves innovators in many ways, Downtown Newsmagazine in 2020 produced a special but traditional Voter Guide for both the primary (24 pages) and general elections (32 pages), a practice that we will follow in all major election years as a matter of company policy to provide critical information for our followers. For the 2020 elections, news staff members presented the positions on issues from over two dozen candidates seeking office – from county commission, state representative and senate to congress. Downtown Newsmagazine was the only print product in Oakland County to produce a thorough Voter Guide – for a local voting population that shows up at the polls consistently in higher numbers. 

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