New parking structure

March 27, 2018

I don't understand the desire to take up precious land by adding new roads (Bates extension), especially to an already road-dense part of downtown Birmingham.


True, the existing surface lot is ugly and inefficient. 


But why not instead of extending Bates as a road, make the extension a walkable veranda lined with retail/office space, including a walkable/bikeable bridge over the Rouge River and connecting to Booth park?


It would form a much more friendly connection between the north shops and downtown vs. the way too tiny and car-infested sidewalks along Old Woodward.


For a fun twist and convenience, connect the west frontage to the east frontage buildings on either side of the veranda with a second story pedestrian bridge running through the east building for access to the new parking structure.


The veranda could have trees through the center and benches and tables.


Charlie Smith


(From Facebook)

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