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The facts on Slotkin

The Oakland Confidential (Downtown/September) writers must not know facts when they see them. Elissa Slotkin has not lived in Michigan in two decades and now is living at the family farm (not her farm). The house she owns is in Washington DC where she will live if she wins (or not) the (8th District House) congressional seat she is pursuing.

She is here at the urging of the Pelosi team to use her insider history to unseat Congressman Mike Bishop. It is interesting that at least 80 percent of her funding comes from outside Michigan. She is having fundraisers in Massachusetts, New York and Washington DC, and has received large donations from the New York City J-Street PAC and the Citizen United (George Soros) PAC.

It is also interesting that her appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Army was held up by the late Senator John McCain. Apparently he was concerned about her judgement in negotiating with Iraq’s government. See the article in “The Hill” on 12/08/14.

Then there is the report in The Detroit News that she told her volunteers to intimidate any business that is exhibiting support for her opponent. This is a typical Democratic Party technique to extort people that do not agree with them. The term carpetbagger comes from just after the Civil War. Check its meaning. It certainly applies to Ms. Slotkin.

Ronald DiLiddo

Rochester Hills

(Publisher note: We are well aware of the “facts,” having read all the candidates’ campaign finance reports, including Bishop’s, which show 70 percent of his funding coming from PACs. Further, the appointment hold up by Sen. McCain is not quite as described in this letter and is in direct contrast to the bi-partisan group of national security officials who recently endorsed Slotkin for her past work under two different presidents.)

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