Republican backs Slotkin

October 23, 2018

I am a Republican woman supporting Elissa Slotkin, a Democrat.  Out of all the President’s remarks that pollute our political system, those that are derogatory toward women are perhaps the most upsetting. 


The November elections are a chance to stand up to this offensive misrepresentation of American values. It is also a chance to demonstrate that support for the President and his amorality is not acceptable to Republican women across Michigan.


I have been a proud Republican for years and have been reluctant to support candidates on the other side of the aisle. But in early 2018 I was invited by my sister to attend a meet and greet with a Democratic congressional candidate, Elissa Slotkin. I was impressed.


She called upon all of us to stand up and take action in our communities, and help elect a new generation of leaders who will truly represent us.  After leaving this meeting I felt that this was someone I could definitely support.  When the negative ads against Elissa used John McCain’s remarks out of context, my resolve to support Elissa was further strengthened.  I had worked on the McCain campaign in 2000 and felt this was a dishonor to his bipartisan approach to governing.


I encourage my fellow Republican women to seize the opportunity that this election year presents. We have the ability to save our party by electing members of Congress who will stand up to the President when he degrades women and further divides this country with his inflammatory rhetoric. On election day this Republican woman is supporting Elissa Slotkin for Congress and I hope other Republican women join me – let’s work together to take back our party.


Kathleen VanPoppelen

Oakland Township

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