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Epstein caucus flip flop

It’s not easy being Lena Epstein: after wrapping herself in Trump clothing during her primary, Trump’s campaign co-chair has suddenly figured out Michigan voters don’t like President Trump’s healthcare agenda that would gut protections for pre-existing conditions and charge older Americans what the AARP calls an “age tax.”

So it’s no surprise she also figured out that her affinity for the House Freedom Caucus doesn’t play as well with general election voters as it did during her primary.

Back then she was pretty clear about her love for the group that even John Boehner described as “anarchists.” In her own words: “I’ve said this publicly, I want to be a member of the Freedom Caucus. I want to join the men in the fight to advance a conservative agenda.”

Now? Not so public about her support. In a recent interview with the Detroit News, Epstein “sidestepped” when asked about the obstructionist, arch-right organization founded by disgraced Ohio Republican Jim Jordan and currently lead by Rep. Mark Meadows.

Some politicians flip and flop their way out of sticky primary positions. Others lie. Lena just left the public with this awkward, insider take on the House’s inner workings: “I just want to update with you and share with you, there are many tremendous caucuses. There are bipartisan caucuses, and I want to be working across the aisle."

Only Epstein can explain why she’s suddenly terrified to talk about her support for the group founded by an “idiot” and “legislative terrorist.” But if we had to speculate, we’d guess some of her advisers decided to show her a few things Republicans and independent observers have said about Epstein’s would-be colleagues.

Austin Laufersweiler

Michigan Democratic Party

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