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Climate change skeptics

I'm going to assume you're journalists without an agenda and are actually looking for the truth. So before you get too many eggs in the manmade climate change claim (Climate Change/March), it would be a good idea to look outside the "consensus" box for information as well.

Try or the Heartland Institute, or John Coleman's video Weather Channel founder for starters...they are real scientists as well, and may change your view of the "97 percent consensus" that climate change is manmade.

I've been around the block for awhile but never did much research into the subject until recently.

A couple things caught my attention that spurred me to dig for the truth myself:

1. Gore said the ice caps were supposed to be gone 5 years ago...apparently wrong.

2. Why did the global temperature drop for roughly 30 years in 40's, 50's and 60's...when we were having the biggest industrial and population boom in our history?

What I found is disturbing, and I believe any honest seeker would at least have some serious questions after hearing what the "skeptics" are saying.

So back to my initial assumption...if you are journalists, you'll want to look honestly at both sides. I'm not a journalist but I am interested in the truth, which is why I decided to investigate on my own. Hope you'll do the same.

Jack Burket


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