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Buckley's lie, defamation

As most of you may recall, I retired from my position as Bloomfield Township Clerk in November, 2004, some 16 years ago, after having served the residents for nearly 25 years. I still live in the township and have many dear friends and good neighbors. I recently learned that board member David Buckley posted on the social media site Next Door, and perhaps other sites, a spurious statement that the "last clerk" (and that would be me) was given a car from the township when I retired. This is absolutely a lie and I am aghast that any of my friends and neighbors may have seen Mr. Buckley's post. At the time of my retirement there was a policy in place requiring board approval for expenditures over $5,000, so a gifted vehicle would have required even Buckley's approval as he was on the board at that time. I have asked myself, why now after all these years would Buckley post such a lie about me on social media when he knows very well that it is false – could it be that because this is an election year for the township officials Buckley wants to discredit and quiet my voice to the township residents in my support for the current administration? I am currently chairperson of the Oakland County Board of Canvassers, having been appointed by the Oakland County Commission. Buckley has knowingly and willingly harmed my good name, my reputation of integrity and my probity, my adherence to the highest principles and ideals. I request that Buckley immediately post on all the social media sites where he originally posted the lie, that it is untrue, that I did not receive a car from the township. Should there be any further posts defaming my name, Buckley will hear from my attorney.

Wilma S. Cotton Retired Township Clerk

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