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Bryan Pizzuti

Now a lieutenant, Bryan Pizzuti has been with the Bloomfield Township Police Department since 2000, where he previously served as a patrol officer and as a Task Force Officer with the FBI Violent Gang & Violent Crimes Task Force. His current responsibilities include the supervision of patrol sergeants, patrol officers and civilian employees who carry out day-to-day operations for the department.

Pizzuti grew up in Pennsylvania, where he earned a degree in psychology and a master’s in social work with a concentration in child development. His first job related to law enforcement was with the Washington County Juvenile Probation Department in Pennsylvania.

Throughout his career, the most rewarding part has always been helping someone in need. “It can be something as simple as changing a flat tire for someone on the side of the road to solving a homicide,” said Pizzuti. “There is such a wide spectrum.”

The gratitude he has for the people he currently serves seems to go both ways. “In Bloomfield Township, we have a great amount of community support for public safety as a whole for the police and fire departments,” he said. “During the holidays, people drop off food and stop by to say thank you. They are always showing signs of appreciation.”

Pizzuti, who lives in Farmington Hills with his wife and two children, also works as a contract instructor for Command Presence, a law enforcement training and consulting company based in Georgia. In addition, he is a facilitator for the Michigan State School of Criminal Justice First Line Supervision Course.

Four years ago, he started 232 Training Solutions, LLC, a company focused on providing personal safety and professional development training to the public and private sectors. Courses include self-protection/defense, de-escalation training, critical decision-making and leadership.

“I believe that everybody has the right to defend themselves and the right to professional development,” he said. “Not only for self-defense, but public safety as a whole.”

Pizzuti originally taught self-defense and de-escalation courses in the police department before branching out to critical decisionmakers in Bloomfield Township like firefighters and dispatchers. Since then, he has expanded to include other cities and general community audiences, including youth groups and senior centers.

Self-defense courses for women and families are also available. Pizzuti even did a course for a sorority alumni group and he taught a de-escalation leadership course to local executives from an entertainment chain. “It’s not just for law enforcement,” he said. “It can be helpful with the everyday.”

Self-defense courses begin with a group discussion before the hands-on part of the program. “You hope you never have to use it, but it’s good to have the training,” said Pizzuti.

“It’s an empowerment course. What it comes down to is confidence. You are stronger than you think, but sometimes you need that little boost. It helps if you have a plan and develop a strategy.”

After one class, someone told him that he re-established her self-worth.

There is still work to be done on a regular basis. “Everybody is looking for a quick fix. I’m only going to give them a foundation. They have to embrace and absorb the training and they have to practice it every day. It has to be a lifestyle.”

His mission is clear. “I don’t want people to be paranoid,” said Pizzuti. “I just want them to be prepared.”

Story: Jeanine Matlow

Photo: Laurie Tennent


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