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County Commission - 9Th District - Democrat


Mark Holland of Pontiac is employed at United Wholesale Mortgage and has attended classes at Oakland Community College, University of Phoenix and the American Institute of Banking. He is a former member of the Pontiac City Council and a former deputy mayor of Pontiac.

Highland Park Water and Sewer debt

Highland Park, a member of the Great Lakes Water Authority, since 2012 has failed to pay for what now amounts to over $54 million in water and sewer debt, which means member communities in Oakland County will be placed in a position to underwrite this debt whether through increased rates for water and sewer or tapping budget reserves to accomplish the same. The state of Michigan has failed to deal with this issue. What do you think should be the solution to this growing problem of a GLWA member community failing to pay for water and sewer services? Please be specific.

If elected, first, we would consult with the county commissioner of that district as well as other municipal representatives to bring us up to speed on what plans they have to correct the deficit. We would schedule a meeting with The GLWA board of directors and see what we can do together to assist Highland Park.

Mass transit for region

In 2016, voters in the four-county area of Oakland, Wayne, Macomb and Washtenaw counties narrowly turned down a regional mass transit millage. There had been talk of bringing that question back in subsequent election years but supporters have not been successful in that effort. Do you agree that the counties should be pushing ahead with mass transit plans? Please explain.

Yes. Mass transit is vital for our future. People who are afforded the privilege to work at home have a career in computer technology, but what about the essential workers who keep us afloat during the pandemic? Yes. I support mass transit all the way to Pontiac.

Oakland’s sustainability efforts

Oakland County Executive David Coulter has appointed the county’s first sustainability officer, as part of the county’s effort to address global warming issues in the coming years. Do you support the county’s efforts on this undertaking? Should the board of commissioners have a role in setting the agenda for reaching carbon neutral goals in the future?

Yes. This is why mass transit is so important to help get more gasoline cars off the street and more people carpooling or riding our transit system of the future to help save our air and quality of life.

Future of the board of commissioners

The size of the county board of commissioners has been reduced over several decades, each time with the reduction being billed as a way to save taxpayer funds. The most recent change in board size, prompted by Democrats taking control of the board, reduced the size from 21 commissioners to 19. Some have suggested that the ultimate goal may be to reduce the size of the board to 15 members, like in Wayne County, followed by a sizable annual pay increase.

With all honesty, this is a question for our citizens. Elected position is an office owned by Mr. and Mrs. Oakland County and the citizens should decide the compensation for elected positions and the number of elected representatives. After all, we work for them.

2020 presidential election results

Do you accept the presidential election results of 2020 in Michigan? Will you accept the results of the 2022 primary and general election? Explain why or why not.

I will not discuss the past 2020 election, we are focusing on the future of Oakland County citizens.

Key issues

What do you believe are the key issues facing Oakland County at this time? How would you work to resolve the issues?

Pandemic recovery funding, work with other municipalities and our state and federal representatives to create a funding plan to cover our hardest hit COVID areas. Assisting Pontiac with moving the Community Block Grant Department to Pontiac City Hall. Pontiac has a large number of senior citizens who could use assistance with home repairs. Bringing the CDBG Department back to Pontiac would bring Pontiac citizens closer to needed funding and resources.

Why you

Why should voters select you over your primary opponent? Please be specific in drawing your comparison.

I get the job done. A former city councilman and former deputy mayor of the great city of Pontiac. Experience matters, with legislative and executive experience as well as the community boards I’ve been apart of like TIFA and Brownfield Board, Allow me to work for you and elect me your next Oakland County Commissioner in the newly drawn district 9. I will work hard for you.

Angela Powell

Angela Powell of Pontiac is currently a member of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, starting in 2018. She is the owner of an individual and small business tax preparation firm, Tax Savvy Referrals. Powell has a bachelor’s degree in English from Oakland University. She has served as the Constituent Services Coordinator for state Rep. Tim Greimel, Community and Political Director for the Oakland Democratic Party and as the Democratic Communications and Community Organizer for the state House.

Highland Park Water and Sewer debt

Water is important and the state should have some responsibility with this debt. But overall something is going to have to be figured out and it probably will be some shared responsibility from residents, government, businesses, private funding involved.

Mass transit for region

Bottom line is this new generation is changing to have a major focus on transportation in a mass transit fashion and we need to be trying to focus on this! So, yes, I support mass transit.

Oakland’s sustainability efforts

Yes, I support it. And I am in support of having the discussion regarding carbon neutral goals in future.

Future of the board of commissioners

I am in support of pay being adjusted and board size is determined by party in majority and where county stand at the time, and there are many things to consider during this process.

2020 presidential election results

Yes, because I am confident in our local, county and state clerks and leadership whom govern this process to do their jobs well. Remember clerks represent both sides, so they all want efficient elections. I watched/witnessed closely with Oakland and city of Pontiac’s process.

Key issues

Mental Health, workforce, housing, transportation.

Why you?

I am a hard worker whose work ethics speaks for itself. My track record, leadership, partnership, community organizing, and fighting has taught and allowed me to advocate for people. And during all ups and downs, I have kept myself in the public eye to continue working/supporting communities. I am that leader who maximizes on getting the resources needed to improve individuals lives. If people are in a good place, they will want better, but the opportunity must be given and this is what I work to do.


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