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September 2023

Prop 1, also known as The Senior Millage, will be on Birmingham’s November 2023 ballot. This is an important initiative that will help support the unique needs and well-being of our older residents, while providing a range of programs and services specifically tailored to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding demographic.

Why do we need a senior millage?

• Birmingham has purchased the YMCA building to provide a permanent home for senior services, with NEXT as the service provider.

• To support operations and planning for growth of our senior community.

• To help fund the first steps to make the building suitable for senior services.

• Provide dedicated funding for senior services.

What does Next provide to the community?

• With over 230 events each month, Next offers a wide range of programs from life-long learning, enrichment, fitness, the arts, travel and many social opportunities to keep active adults engaged and connected to their community.

• Support services provide independence and allows residents to age in place safely and comfortably: Meals on Wheels, transportation, home visits, lawn/snow maintenance, minor home repair and zero interest home loans, etc.

Why does Next have to move?

• Next is a vibrant and active community center, now serving more than 2,300 members and supporting an additional 400 residents. Membership has increased 150 percent in the last 10 years and has long outgrown its very modest facility.

• There is no available room to expand at Midvale where Next currently resides.

• Planning for the future, the Birmingham senior population is projected to grow to 30 percent by 2045.

Why should you VOTE Yes on Prop 1?

• It will help to keep Birmingham as a "Senior Friendly" community.

• To retain a large and growing population vital to Birmingham property values and business economy.

• And because supporting seniors is what caring communities do.

What will this millage cost me?

• Approximately $96/year for the average residential taxpayer.

• The increase will be largely offset by a decrease in debt service millage.

As our community continues to evolve, the well-being of our older residents becomes a shared responsibility. Honoring and caring for this cohort is rooted in principles of respect and gratitude. Seniors have played a pivotal role in shaping our community, contributing to the growth and progress of Birmingham — and they continue to contribute. They are caregivers, business mentors, run youth programs, volunteer on civic and non-profit boards, drive community projects and overwhelming, financially support local charities. Retirees also control most of the disposable income, and prefer to spend locally, supporting small businesses along with neighborhood shops and restaurants.

It is essential that we together prioritize seniors as a reflection of the values and principles that define a compassionate and cohesive society.

Please find more information about Prop 1, the Senior Millage on the website of the advocacy group, Citizens Supporting Seniors at and the city of Birmingham’s website under the Trending column.

Community members are invited to Next for an informational meeting September 13th at 1 p.m. to learn more about Prop 1 to support seniors in our community.

Cris Braun is Executive Director of Birmingham Next


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