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Tik Tok inspired vandalism hits Seaholm

Several bathrooms at Seaholm High School in Birmingham have been vandalized in recent days, including the new restroom across from the Little Theater, which had every light fixture broken, in what the principal called an apparent “Tik Tok challenge.”

In an email to parents on Thursday, September 23, Seaholm Principal Kyle Hall said that a message had been shared that afternoon to students regarding vandalism at the school.

“Apparently a Tik Tok challenge included stealing and posting items from around schools, including those in the restrooms,” Hall wrote. “As a result, we have had several restrooms vandalized as students try to tear off soap dispensers, wall partitions, and lights, as well as other defacing of our restrooms in different ways. To further make this situation difficult, our new restroom across from the Little Theater was targeted and every new light fixture broken.

“I can’t tell you how disappointing this behavior is since we worked so hard to advocate for a renovated restroom that was not originally a part of the bond work in this phase,” Hall said, continuing that students deserve the dignity and respect of a safe, clean and attractive building, which includes restrooms.

If behaviors don't change, Hall stated, school administrators will be forced to close the school restrooms and post staff outside restrooms as monitors. The school requested parents speak to students to help halt the behavior.

“We do not want to be put in the position to have to close restrooms and post a staff member outside one or two to monitor the condition each hour. On the other hand, we just cannot continue to have this kind of damage.”

Hall continued, “Holding these students accountable is one way for them to learn to think with reflection and perform with honor.”

She further said, “This pandemic has created a situation in which students have lost some of the good habits of learning and socializing.”


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