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Township adopts county's hazard mitigation plan

By Lisa Brody

After maintaining its own hazard mitigation plan, Bloomfield Township trustees unanimously approved adopting Oakland County's hazard mitigation plan at their meeting on Monday, November 22, when Bloomfield Township's expires in September 2022, on the recommendation of Bloomfield Township Fire Marshall Peter Vlahos.

Vlahos explained Bloomfield Township has a mitigation plan in place for fire and other hazards which will expire in September 2022. “It is the recommendation of the fire department, engineering and environmental services department, and department of public works, that the township adopt the current Oakland County Hazard Mitigation Plan and not renew ours at this time,” he said.

Of the 62 communities in Oakland County, Vlahos said, only Bloomfield Township and Royal Oak do not currently participate in the county plan.

He said adopting the county's hazard mitigation plan would result in a cost savings to Bloomfield Township, as the township spent approximately $15,000 in consulting fees for the 2017 township hazard mitigation plan.

“We don't have a dedicated hazard mitigation team to do it, and the county does,” Vlahos said.

“What would this provide so our residents don't feel at risk?” asked treasurer Brian Kepes.

“We'll demonstrate it through meetings,” Vlahos answered. “Oakland County is only asking for our participating, not any financial participation. If there is ever any problem with it, we can always revert back to doing it on our own.”

Funding would be through FEMA and the federal government, he said, and the township would not lose anything by going through Oakland County. “They're bigger, so they have a bigger voice,” Vlahos pointed out. “We can learn through other municipalities and what they're going through.”


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