City explores using former mayors' knowledge

Looking to tap into the wealth of knowledge in the community, Birmingham City Manager Tom Markus on Monday, January 10, pitched the idea of developing an Emeritus Mayor’s Club to the city commission. >>>

Birmingham Restaurant Week starts this month

Seventeen years ago, Restaurant Week in Birmingham was a new concept for Michigan. Now, it's such a hit, it's a two-week event. Welcome back to the opportunity to explore new dining and experiences in Birmingham, with the annual winter event of Birmingham Restaurant Week, Monday, January 24 through Friday, January 28, and Monday, January 31 through Friday, February 4. >>>

Downtown Support Campaign

Downtown Newsmagazine has launched a membership campaign for donations to the publication to allow us to remain strong and grow while still remaining free to most homes in the Birmingham/Bloomfield area. Publisher David Hohendorf’s letter to the local community explains the background on the membership effort. >>>

longform features


Promise and reality of recreational cannabis

Depending upon your age and proclivity, marijuana has been considered a plant that, when smoked or otherwise enjoyed, can produce a mellow high and make life a little more pleasant, no different than enjoying a cocktail. To others, it is seen as a dangerous and illegal substance, a gateway drug that can, and likely will, lead to harder drugs and possibly a life of crime. >>>


Playing with poison: toxins in children's toys

In an early Saturday Night Live sketch, a young Candice Bergman and Dan Aykroyd perform in a consumer probe spoof. In the skit, Bergman plays a journalist questioning Aykroyd, who portrays a toy company executive, about the safety of the toys he is trying to market: a knife-wielding Ken doll, and most notably, a bag of broken glass. >>>

oakland confidential


We’re disappointed to see two popular Democratic congresspersons – Haley Stevens and Andy Levin – getting ready to rumble in the August primary for the newly-drawn 11th District, which encompasses most of Oakland County in a contiguous and non-gerrymandered shape – over 40 percent of Stevens’ current district. >>>

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