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The invitation promised an evening “…when anything was possible” and it did not disappoint. The soiree attracted 255 guests ($500, $250, $150 tickets). Many followed the suggestion to wear black & white attire and some were meeting new CAAM director Chris Scoates and his wife Fiona Ragheb for the first time, although Chris did get his MA at CAA in 1986. In addition to the silent auction of 30 works of art donated by 12 CAA alums, (all 30 pieces sold) event co-chairs Maureen D’Avanzo, Pamela Gerber and April Wagner had commissioned Leslie Pilling to design the other party diversions. Masked and costumed characters welcomed arrivals.
This weeks social light photos…

Tree clearing concerns residents, officials

An effort by DTE to alleviate excessive power outages in the eastern portion of Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township, along Kensington Road, has resulted in a wide swath clear cutting of decade-old trees along majestic streets and in backyards, outraging residents....more>

Plans beginning for new Woodward Building

Preliminary plans are beginning to take shape for the new Woodward Building at the southwest corner of Old Woodward and Maple in downtown Birmingham, where David Wachler & Sons has resided for over 30 years....more>

Bloomfield Hills broken into, ransacked

Two Bloomfield Hills homes, as well as a Bloomfield Township home, were broken into and ransacked with items stolen, as well as a home in Beverly Hills, before Beverly Hills public safety officers caught the three thieves accused of the crime spree....more>

Jewelry, silver, gun stolen from township home

A Bloomfield Township home was broken into, ransacked and valuable antiques and jewelry were stolen....more>

Grandmother defrauded of $1,000

A Bloomfield Township woman was scammed out of $1,000 in Green Dot cards by a caller claiming to be her grandson who said he was in trouble in Mexico....more>

Package stolen from porch

A Birmingham resident reported to police a package was stolen from his porch....more>

Watches stolen from Birmingham home

A Birmingham resident whose home was under construction discovered that two expensive watches were missing on Friday, December 5....more>

The fourth branch of government

Michigan high school students must earn at least one half-credit in civics education as a requirement for graduation, ensuring all those earning diplomas in the state are able to name the three branches of government or describe how a bill becomes a law. While our secondary schools provide a basic understanding of the legislative process, in theory, the majority of our electorate is often clueless to the realities of the political process....more>

The Chaldean migration

They are often confused, in the metro Detroit area, as being part of the over 400,000 Arab or Palestinian American community members located here. Yet Chaldeans, part of a tight-knit community who are neither Arab, nor Muslim, actually have little in common with those who come from a similar part of the world as themselves....more>

Storm water overflow

Water and other liquid refuse flowing through the miles of sewers in Oakland County flow downhill. So, when more than five inches of rain fell during a three-hour period in August across southeast Michigan, more than two billion gallons of partially treated sewage also traveled downhill, journeying from southeast Oakland County into the Red Run Drain in Macomb County. It was much more than the system could handle, with all local systems overflowing, flooding sewer systems designed to capture the overflows, as well as roads, highways, and thousands of homes and basements....more>
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