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CDBG for 2024 approved for township residents

By Dana Casadei

The Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees on Monday, October 23, unanimously approved the application for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 2024 plan year.

Since joining the program in 2009, funding has focused on two areas: the township’s minor home repairs program and its Meals on Wheels program, and will continue to do so. 

Bloomfield Township’s minor home repairs program has since its inception completed 140 projects, with five currently active. Projects include things such as repairs to porches, driveways, or electrical.; replacing toilets, gutters, and sidewalks; removing large items or debris from around someone’s home and dangerous tree or limb removal; and correcting single code violations.

Trustee Chris Kolinski spoke about what a great program the CDBG is, as was echoed by fellow trustee Valerie Murray.

“There’s so many great benefits,” she said. “Thank you for doing it.”

Compared to years prior, there was one major change discussed for the plan, which is Oakland County’s 50 percent reduction in the public services cap, causing the $50,000 allocated for the year to be dispersed differently than before. Now,that money will have 85 percent going to the minor home repairs program, and only 15 percent to Meals on Wheels, compared to the 30 percent that went to Meals on Wheels in prior years.

“Though we need more public services, we understand the foundation for these block grant programs truly is housing,” said Christine Tvaroha, Bloomfield Township Director of Senior Service. “We understand and support the decision, and will look for other ways to help our Meals on Wheels program.”

The Meals on Wheels program has been quite successful for the township, serving nearly 5,800 meals last year, a 15 percent increase. There was also a 32 percent increase in new clients and the number of people using Meals on Wheels for short-term needs. 

Tvaroha noted that Meals on Wheels isn’t just for people who don’t drive or are low-income, but also for seniors who have difficulty going to the grocery store or driving. She said they are working on making that messaging more widespread throughout the community so others will take advantage of the program. 

While this was a public hearing for the application, no comments were made from residents. 

Even though the township has participated in the CDBG program since 2009, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires each county to review their cooperation agreement with participating communities every three years. Participation in this allows for access to the highest level of federal funding for those who participate. 

The township’s current plan is through 2026.


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